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Luis Garza is running for
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 6, Place 2

– because as a public servant, he believes every Harris County resident deserves equal access to the court resources.

He brings 28 years of experience as a justice court clerk with knowledge of statutes, procedures, and ethical guidelines to Texas justice courts.

He believes that the Justice of the Peace can utilize more resources available from the county and the state.

Rent Relief and Evictions

    The community’s daily needs that can be improved in the court are:    

These resources can help our residents and businesses resolve their disputes in a more amicable way.

Now, it’s time to empower the community.

Meet Luis

Meet Luis

My name is Luis Garza and I’m running for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 6, Place 2. I am happily married to my wife Diana, and together we raise our two daughters and two sons. I have 28 years of experience working in the courts. My goal is to ensure the court provides proper access to justice for all people, ensure the court is open and accessible to every person, and promote an effective administration, by improving rules, processes and procedures. 


As some may relate, growing up in the East End can sometimes be challenging. There was a lack of public knowledge for higher education. I also found myself consistently being targeted by police. Leading yet to another bill that seemed impossible to keep up with. I later learned I wasn’t the only one in the community falling victim to the same issues.


Deepening my desire to understand why this was happening, at the age of 23, I began to volunteer in the same courthouse I'm running for office today. That's when I got my first job as a court clerk. Since that time, I have devoted 28 years working on the courts helping my community. 



Eviction programs

Rent relief & Writ of Re-Entry. One of the jurisdictions of a J.P is to hear evictions and landlord / Tenant disputes. The state of Texas has programs in which tenants can gain rent relief to avoid an eviction. Luis vows to uphold the law and mediate without prejudice.

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Make the schools more accountable for student’s attendance and juvenile disciplinary action thus reducing the number of students that become victims of school to prison pipeline.As a Justice of the Peace, I plan to collaborate with the education department and county agencies to serve at-risk youth. We need to inspire and produce an approachable path to success for the kids by keeping them engaged.

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Public Nuisances

The community suffers from several nuisances ranging anywhere from abandoned vehicles, dangerous animals, to noise complaints. A JP has the ability to tend to these needs by utilizing county resources.

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Towed Vehicles

If your vehicle was illegally towed, you’re entitled to a hearing to determine whether your vehicle was towed legally. If it wasn’t, you would be reimbursed all of your expenses and costs at the end of the hearing.

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Small Business Relief

Small claims can be made when there’s a dispute between 2 parties over money or property. The court can provide relief in some of the disputes through small claims court up to $20,000.

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Occupational Driver’s License (ODL)

Drivers have different situations that led to losing their licences, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to get to work. By granting you an ODL, the court can get back on track to obtain your regular license.

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Property Retrieval

Domestic issues sometimes occur and property can be left by accident and tensions may arise out of it. As a JP, a writ of retrieval can be made to give ease of mind in retrieving your property.

A person holding credit cards against a

Credit Card Debt Claims

Several residents are subject to predatory credit card & personal loan companies. Predatory high interest rates arise from these claims that violate your personal rights. As JP, Luis promises to be a fair judge to rule within the law.


The Justice of the Peace is mainly responsible for these things:

  • Class C Traffic Tickets

  • Small Claims up to $20,000

  • Truancy

  • Bad Check Disputes

  • Public Nuisances

  • Writs

  • Evictions


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